Turnaround Time

About Turnaround Time

Our top priority is to deliver on time 100% of the times! given our agile approach to project management, this allows us the flexibility in adaptive planning. This in turn gives us the flexibility in prioritizing tasks according to their urgency resulting in on time delivery!

Moreover, our agile approach also gives us the flexibility to accommodate rush projects. Work or rush projects resumes immediately as the complete project files become available to our team. Additional time will be needed for projects that require desktop publishing. We require additional time to process original documents submitted in a non readable format, scanned documents, for example.

Turnaround Time Schedule

  • Diplomas, Certificates (birth, marriage, etc.) – 24 hours
  • Documents (up to 10,000 words) – Regular (10 days), Rush (5 days)
  • Documents and Manuals (over 10,000) – TBD based on urgency and requirements
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