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At Gingkos, we provide accurate, quality translations. Specialized in Middle Eastern languages, we currently offer translations in English from/into Arabic, Kurdish and Persian. Gingkos works only with qualified language professionals. While Gingkos prefer to work with linguists located in the United States, Gingkos has also established a global network of linguists. Having linguists from different parts of the world assist in having a better understanding of the cultural aspect of any text. Also, working in different time zones minimizes the time required to complete a project which will result in faster turnaround times and on time delivery.

Gingkos utilizes the latest Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools in the market. That combined with the quality assurance process followed results in consistency and increased productivity which in turn contributes to lower costs and timely delivery!

Arabic & English Translation Service

Gingkos is specialized in Middle Eastern Languages translation. Languages we currently offer are English into/from Arabic, Kurdish and Persian. Our expertise span across a wide array of fields, including but not limited to Medical, Technical, Business, Political, Journalism, Legal, Literary and other. Quality and consistency is of essence at Gingkos. Thus we use a structured, multi phase approach to translation. Text to be translated is first analyzed for repetitive terms and phrases that are used through the document. These repetitive phrases and terms are translated and accumulated into a glossary. Linguists working on the same project are bound to refer to the glossary for the meaning of those terms and phrases. Further instructions might be provided to the linguist that must be taken into consideration during the translation process. This practice will eliminate inconsistencies throughout the translated document. The translation phase is followed by a quality assurance process to ensure consistency and to ensure the meaning has been correctly conveyed from the original. The process produces a high quality and error free translation. After all it has to make sense!

Arabic & English Website Localization

A localized website is essential to building an international business that will maximize customer experience. Arabic is one of the top 10 languages used on the internet. In the Internet market, and according to an Internet World Stats research, 36.9% of the users are Arabic speaking users. That is reaching out to an increasing 135.6 million users. The localization process that Gingkos follow must reflect specific language and cultural preferences in the content. Measurement units, images and text has to be converted in a form to to appeal to the target culture. A culturally fit website reduces the amount of required intellectual effort from visitors of the site to process information, making navigation easier. The modification of the website must additionally take into consideration the stated purpose of the new website with a focus on the targeted audience/market in the new locale. Website localization with Gingkos aims to customize a website so that it seems "natural", to its viewers despite cultural differences between the creators and the audience.

Middle Eastern Culture Consultation

Understand how business is done in the Middle East and build trust! In a region diverse in ethnicity, religion, and cultural habits, knowledge of the economy and culture of each individual country is necessary in order to discover the opportunities available to doing business in these countries. Think regionally, act locally! Understanding the culture of your client enhances communication and in turn success to your business. Gingkos tailors a customized program ranging from a 10 min lecture to more in depth and detailed, multi session, country specific, seminars. Contact us for details!

Arabic Interpretation Services

We offer interpreters for any setting or occasion, executive business meetings, medical, legal, immigration interviews, school meetings, community events, etc. If you or your client need an interpreter for a special event or any type of public setting we are here to help! With language interpreting staff available to handle your situation over the telephone or in person, we are here to help you in a matter of seconds. We're confident we can provide the language options and interpretation services you require. Send us your request and our project management team will review it and offer you the right solution. No matter where you're based or what you need, Gingkos enables you to communicate with confidence.

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